Lorde has a very niche hobby which she is sharing with the world.

In 2017, the “Royals” singer started an Instagram account dedicated to rating onion rings. But when fans realized she was behind the account, she went silent.

After her last post on June 12, 2017 about a tempura onion ring from Tennessee, Lorde made a big comeback over the weekend.

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“Don’t call it a crumb back,” she captioned the first post.

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She then followed it up with another three posts, including one that revealed why she stopped posting.

“I’ve got to be honest with you, this reviewer stopped ordering onion rings after her identity was leaked to the press in the great debacle of 2017. I’d get a smile and a wink from waitstaff — it got embarrassing, you know? But it occurred to me that some things are too good to let the internet spoil,” Lorde wrote.

But the onion ring from “Crusty Crab fish and chip shop in beautiful Russell” only got a 3.5/5.