2020 was a year of technical challenges.

On Monday, Stephen Colbert shared a special montage from Global’s “The Late Show” featuring outtakes from his many, many virtual interviews since the start of the pandemic.

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“In the world of Zoom interviews, we have to ask our guests to do a ‘slate’: their name + 1, 2, 3 + 👏 to match the audio with the video,” the video description explained. “Check out some of our favourite celebrity slates of 2020. Results may vary! 🤣”

Everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Kate Winslet got in on the clapping action.

The clip also features some bloopers, including Anderson Cooper getting the order of his clap wrong, and then just clapping away multiple times.

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In one of the more adorable moments, Colbert says hello to his former colleague Jon Stewart and his wife.

“This is unsustainable, is how I would describe this,” Colbert later jokes to John Oliver.

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