Allison Janney enlists Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott for “Celebrity IOU”.

Janney wanted to punctuate 2020 by giving her longtime assistant and good friend Ilana a much-needed home makeover on Monday’s episode.

“Give me a sledgehammer, and I will bust some s*** up,” Janney said, equipped with construction boots and a red floor-length dress. “I do my best work when I’m dressed to the nines.”

“I think this is the first time in the history of demolition that somebody has ever shown up in an evening gown, swinging a sledgehammer,” Drew reacted.

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Photo: HGTV
Photo: HGTV

Janney was noticeably emotional when describing how important Ilana was to her.

“I can’t live my life without her,’ Janney shared. “She’s my sister, she’s my manager, she’s my muse, she’s my confidante.”

Ilana loves to throw parties and so the Scott brothers redesigned her living space with numbers in mind. Ilana’s small kitchen was expanded with the additions of a huge island and a wine cabinet, plus a few aesthetic touches.

The living room was updated with a fireplace and new furniture.

“I just want to tell you that I did break a little something,” Janney warned Ilana over FaceTime before she arrived at the home. ‘We can fix it. I don’t want you to panic.”

Ilana arrived with her husband Italy and their two daughters. In typical “Celebrity IOU” fashion, the makeover recipients were speechless.

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Photo: HGTV
Photo: HGTV

“Oh my God… it looks so different,” the assistant exclaimed. “This is crazy beyond. I don’t even comprehend how we left and came back to this.”

“I’m overwhelmed by this whole experience,’ Ilana told Janney as they embraced. “This house is so ridiculous, and you did this for us, and I’m so grateful for you.”

Janney insists that Ilana earned all of it.

“You’ve been there for me, for so many things, so many moments of my life, and made things easier and run smoother for me,” the Oscar-winning actress said. “I wanted to do that for you.”