LeAnn Rimes Says Getting Treatment For Anxiety And Depression Was ‘The Best Gift I Could’ve Given Myself’

LeAnn Rimes is very happy she sought help for her mental health struggles.

The country singer appeared on Wednesday’s “Tamron Hall Show”, opened up about seeking treatment for anxiety and depression.

“It was the best gift I could’ve given myself. I constantly had people around me my whole life, whether it be parents, my ex-husband, a manager or agent, all the world’s eyes were on me constantly,” Rimes said.

“Talk about codependency,” she added. “I had never been alone really until being in treatment for anxiety and depression.”

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Rimes continued, “It felt like somebody plugged me into a wall socket and left me on. I needed to figure out how to unravel from that and bring myself back.”

The 38-year-old also talked about her fears of being alone and how she “needed a voice.”

“I needed to gather those pieces and bring those back into wholeness. All those pieces I had rejected about myself, learn how to love them and realize that the totality of me is lovable not just the LeAnn Rimes that’s projected into the world that everybody wanted to be this perfect little girl,” she says. “It was the totality of me that could come to the table and have a voice.”

Rimes’ husband Eddie Cibrian also played a big part in her journey.

“I think he was part of my liberation. Definitely,” she said. “You know, he has given me the space and the love to really be able to step into my full self and has shown all of me love. I think, it’s funny what we do unconsciously to our partners, and, you know, with all the pain that he had to experience watching me go through so much pain, it’s like I was testing him like, will you love this part of me, will you love this part? And, you know, to see him fully be able to step in as a partner and be there for me throughout all of this, it’s a beautiful thing. And now he’s also with me in my joy. We’ve gotten to experience everything together.”

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Later on the show, Rimes delivered a live performance of her new single “Throw My Arms Around the World” from her LP CHANT: The Human & the Holy.

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