There’s no denying Chris Pine has achieved Hollywood stardom, yet when it comes to being compared to some other famous stars named Chris he concedes he’s the “underdog.”

The “Wonder Woman 1984” star paid a virtual visit to “Stir Crazy”, the new online talk show hosted by comedian Josh Horowitz, who broached the subject of online comparisons of Pine to Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans.

“I’m gonna say this for the record,” Horowitz told Pine, “You’re my favourite Chris!”

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“I feel like I’m the underdog right now, so I’ll take all the support I can get,” quipped Pine with a laugh.

“Yeah, those damn Chrises, man. It’s either change my name or step it up, you know?” Pine deadpanned.

Horowitz offered a unique idea. “All the Chrises come together for an ‘Avengers’-style movie,” he suggested. “We call in ‘The Christening’. All you guys need to do is sit around in cute sweaters for two hours, that makes $2 billion.”

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Pine took the idea and ran with it, offering his idea for a Comic-Con-style event he dubbed “Chris-a-Con”, or possibly “a Rat Pack show at The Sands, where we entertain and do a bit of Vaudeville…”