Steven Yeun Looks Back At Breakthrough ‘Walking Dead’ Role As A ‘Massive Blessing’

Many tears were shed by viewers of “The Walking Dead” when fan-favourite Glenn (Steven Yeun) met his end a few seasons back, thanks to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his skull-crunching baseball bat, Lucille.

Looking back on his experience on the show for an interview with Variety, Yeun admits that being cast in “The Walking Dead” was nothing short of life-changing.

“I think for me it was a massive blessing to get ‘Walking Dead’ because not only did I meet incredible people that taught me some incredible ways to navigate life — to be a professional, to be an actor, to take a job seriously — but also just submit to a beast such as ‘Walking Dead,’” he explained.

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A cliffhanger in which Glenn fell from a dumpster into a virtual mosh pit of zombies caused a fan uproar (he survived), but when the character was ultimately killed for real at the beginning of the seventh season it led to some of the biggest fan backlash the show had ever experienced (even though Glenn’s death happened exactly the way it did on the comic books upon which “The Walking Dead” is based).

While Yeun, like his fans, was understandably not thrilled to see his character killed off, he understood why it had to happen.

“Leaving [the show], if I had any weird feelings about it, was mostly that I hadn’t taken the time for myself to understand who I was and maybe my voice and what I wanted to say,” Yeun told Variety.

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“I was always kind of in service to this larger narrative,” he added. “And in some ways that reflects kind of how I was raised in my early years. I think I’m done. I think I want to try the other side.”



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