Nikki Blonksy’s “Hairspray” kiss with co-star Zac Efron wasn’t as PG as the director was expecting.

On Wednesday, Blonsky chatted with Spotify’s “Women on Top” podcast, and not surprisingly her role in the 2007 musical was a hot topic of conversation — as was her co-star Zac Efron.

“He is magic,” she said of Efron. “He is a very talented man, all in all. He’s got it all, what can I say?”

One scene in particular stood out for Blonsky, when their characters — Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin — share a brief kiss after dancing on a TV show.

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While the kiss was meant to be sweet and innocent, Blonsky revealed that’s not exactly what took place.

“He slipped [his tongue] on me!” she declared. “Adam Shankman, our director, called him on it. Adam was like, ‘Hey, whoa, just caught the tongue!’ And Adam was like, ‘No! No tongue!’ He’s like, ‘This is PG, there is no tongue!’”

As it turns out, the chemistry between their characters carried over into real life.

“Not to make every woman and gay man jealous, but he was my best friend on the set of ‘Hairspray’,” she said. “Even when we weren’t filming, we were together on the weekends. [He was] constantly at my apartment and I was always at his, doing his laundry when he didn’t do it. I will toss him under the bus for not doing his laundry! And he knows it!”

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According to Blonsky, she had “the best time” hanging out with Efron — even though there was a lot of laundry involved. “I would be like, ‘Listen, buddy. How many piles are over there? What’s going on?’” she joked. “I love him.”