Martine McCutcheon has revealed that her on-screen chemistry with “Love Actually” co-star Hugh Grant was more than just good acting. 

According to the Daily Mail, the 44-year-old actress admitted she actually had a major crush on the British screen star.

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McCutcheon played Downing Street secretary Natalie alongside Grant, who portrayed the prime minister. 

Admitting that she was nervous about filming scenes alongside the actor, McCutcheon told HELLO! magazine: “In the first scene we filmed, I had to run and straddle Hugh at the airport. I felt so insecure and was petrified I’d knock him over.”

She continued, “Hugh had always been my crush and I was a little bit in love with him. But he was so gracious, encouraging, and kind, and wanted me to shine.”

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McCutcheon also conceded that she hates re-watching the movie because she’s “always critical of her performance.” 

However, the former “Eastenders” star said that she is looking forward to the time when her five-year-old son Rafferty is old enough to watch the iconic holiday film.

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She added, “I’m so proud of this film. When Rafferty grows up and has children of his own, I want them all to know its message of love is what I stand for.”