Tom Hanks was an absolute team player on the set of “News of the World”, according to 12-year-old co-star Helena Zengel.

Zengel recently touched on the bond she formed with Hanks and how the “Forrest Gump” veteran helped her.

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“He was literally crying in every scene, even when it wasn’t shot on him — it was my closeup,” she said at a digital screening, via Page Six. “He cried in every scene [so] that I should get emotional… Doing it again and again for your partner when you don’t even see yourself in the movie was really amazing and great.”

The upcoming western stars Hanks as a U.S. Civil War veteran tasked with returning a young girl to the home she was stolen from as an infant.

“I love listening to a great story as much as I like telling one, and that’s why I was so excited about playing Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd,” Hanks said before complimenting director Paul Greengrass (“Captain Phillips”).

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“He is a storyteller, he is driven, emotional, he is noble, and he is moved by the pursuit of the truth. Kidd wanted to communicate an authentic worldview to his audiences because he knew that, along with education and entertainment, the powers of enlightenment could be exchanged in the news readings that he gave.”

“News of the World” premieres December 25.