Iggy Azalea started Christmas off angry.

On Friday, shortly after Playboi Carti dropped his new album Whole Lotta Red at midnight, Azalea took to Twitter to call out her ex.

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In her tweets, Azalea accused Carti of cancelling plans to spend time with their son Onyx on Christmas.

She also accused him of cheating on her during her pregnancy.

Azalea even claimed that the woman Carti allegedly cheated with had hid in her closet so her housekeeper wouldn’t find out.

Azalea and Carti had been in a relationship since 2018. The couple welcomed Onyx in June 2020, and announced their split in October.

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On Twitter, fans ate up the public feud, sharing reactions and memes.

Azalea then spoke about the whole thing on her Instagram Story, writing: “A baby is not a pawn!! Shall I continue?” alongside a quote that read, “It’s the lying to me for no reason that upsets me,” Us Weekly reported.

“Every time I’ve said, I’m happy and I want to move on this man has chased me and promised that he just needs to finish his album. I’d been looking at new homes for us to move into once OUR lease ends in Jan for months. And as far as I knew, things had been getting better with us,” she went on. “Having a baby even one you both want can be a big change so I had been doing what I felt was best for my family which was work on it.”

Azalea added that Carti “got on a private plane” after she blocked him on social media in July and “came here begging for another chance.”

The singer said they’d been living together until May 25.

“Every time I’ve said I’m happy to send a nanny with onyx to Atlanta this man would say ‘I only want to see him if you are there too, I want to see my FAMILY,’” she continued. “Every time I’d be out there he’s f–king me and spending the night!!! Period!!! So y’all look dumb as hell thinking I chase anyone or use my child as a [pawn]. Imagine. That!”