Fans are shock at David Walliams’ latest comedy routine.

During Friday’s “Britain’s Got Talent” Christmas special, the comedian dressed up as a snowman and used a Simon Cowell puppet to mock the judge’s recent bike accident.

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Cowell was forced to leave this season of the reality competition after falling off his electric bike in August, breaking his back.

In his skit, Walliams placed the Cowell puppet on a small bike and said, “Now, little Simon, be careful on that electric bike of yours. Off you go, Simon.”

The bike then drove off stage and a loud crashing sound played.

“Ooo, not again!” Walliams laughed.

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While the judges on the show awkwardly laughed at the joke, viewers at home took their outrage to Twitter.

“David really did Simon dirty with that bike joke,” one fan tweeted, while another said, “I can’t believe David just took the piss out of Simon’s accident!”