KISS is ready to bid farewell to the crazy year that’s been 2020.

The band welcomed 2021 in spectacular fashion in Dubai, with them set to take to the stage for an incredible live virtual concert. KISS notably toned down some of the more extreme elements of their performance to comply with Dubai laws, according to Variety.

Most noticeably, the absence of KISS’ trademark blood theatrics. KISS scrubbed the red from their show so as to not conflict with Dubai’s profanity laws. They also replaced the phrase “virgin soul” from “God of Thunder” and removed the word “b**ch” from “100,000 Years”.

Anything considered profanity or bad language can be labelled an obscene act, a crime which carries a maximum Dhs 10,000 ($3,500) fine or jail time. The word “f**k,” for example, is considered a crime as it “disgraces the honor or the modesty” of a person.

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“We have never been known for our subtlety and we’re not going to start now,” singer-guitarist Paul Stanley told Variety of the event. “This year has been an inconvenience for some and outright devastation for others. So who better to kick it in the butt than us? And we’ll do it in eight-inch heels.”

Stanley went on, “This show that we’re doing is everything we’ve done on steroids. We’re planning on breaking Guinness world records.

“We have, I think at last count, a million and a half dollars of pyro. We’ll be playing all the songs that people around the world expect to hear. And the band is in great, great shape. This will be a good way to welcome in the next year, which we’re all waiting for.

“We can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to all be aware that until we are all vaccinated, we’re not over this. People are celebrating a vaccine, but the vaccine means nothing until it’s applied to you. So, with that in mind, we’re going to kick off the new year and say goodbye to the old one in a fashion only we could do.”

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KISS band members had been performing their final “End of the Road” tour when the pandemic caused everything to come to a halt earlier this year. The rockers have teamed up with Landmarks Live, a company helmed by show director Dan Catullo, for the NYE celebration.

Catullo said of the stage at Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel, “We ripped out 70 palm trees to do it. We are going to put them back, don’t worry, but we had them removed. We put this massive stage right up at the edge of the pool.”

“And the pool itself is being incorporated as part of the set where we’re actually going to put flames in it and light it on fire. And then Paul’s gonna fly to the other side of the stage, which is the other side of the pool. It’s pretty wild.”

The event has been filmed for an upcoming documentary, slated for the big screen in 2021.

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