The Jonas Brothers had a surprise in store for a former super fan who was once utterly obsessed with Kevin.

A TikTok user by the name of deranged_forest_witch took to the social media platform to showcase an old scrapbook dedicated to the eldest JoBro.

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“This is the book of Kevin Jonas. I wrote this. I wrote this book,” she says while showing followers a book she made when she a young Jonas Brothers stan.

The book includes a detailed collection of quotes, pictures, drawings, quizzes and puzzles, all dedicated to Kevin.

“I know his favourite ice cream was rocky road, he loved sushi,” she says, noting some of her favourite facts about the singer.

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The video caught the attention of both Kevin and Nick Jonas, who both responded on TikTok.

“I love this so much and also slightly scared but I am super happy,” wrote Kevin.

“Ok but can we now get a breakdown of which Kevin Jonas is your Kevin Jonas,” joked Joe.

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He added, “Wait can we get a breakdown of sexy quotes please.”