Frankie Jonas welcomed a new “Jonas Sister” into the family by getting a tattoo of her name. 

The TikTok star filmed himself inking the first name of YouTuber Tana Mongeau onto his own leg. 

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Mongeau previously shared a conversation between the two where she requested to become a Jonas sister. 

Jonas later shared a TikTok video of himself tattooing his own arm.

“Pls get my name now that i’m a jonas,” commented Mongeau underneath. 

The youngest Jonas brother responded by accepting Mongeau’s request in a follow up post.  

“I’ve been so massively successful lately that I wanted to do something that helped me stay grounded and reminded me of the fans,” he joked in the video. “So Tana Mongeau, sorry if I mispronounce your name, this one’s for you. I hope it grows your account.”

Jonas then proceeds to tattoo “@Tana” on his leg. 

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Mongeau, who has more than five million followers on TikTok, took took to Twitter to share her reaction. 

“THE BEST Jonas brother tattooed not only my name, but my @ name on his body,” she wrote. “do i get his back, so for life i have a matching tattoo with a Jonas brother?? HELP I MUST BE DRUNK”

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Jonas is taking over TikTok with 1.6M followers as of publication.

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