Having kids is a pain and a blessing.

On Monday, actor Jamie Dornan appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” and talked about being under lockdown with his wife Amelia Warner and their three daughters.

“If you have kids it can make it a lot harder in many respects but also save you in many ways,” he said.

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“They take your mind off the daily trauma while living through a pandemic,” Dornan added. “They would dress me up and I am all for that – particularly, putting on a dress!”

Back in may, Dornan shared a photo on Instagram in which he’d been done up in a dress and heels, with a wig featuring adorable pigtails.

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Also on the show, Dornan made fun of “Wild Mountain Thyme” co-star and fellow guest Emily Blunt for her method of pouring Guinness.

“We were shooting at this pub, and they asked me to pour a pint of Guinness, and I thought, ‘This is going to be amazing and I’m going to crush it,'” Blunt said. “Didn’t. At all.”

She said the crowd gathered around was disappointed as the pint poured into pure foam.

“That is sacrilege,” Dornan said of the pint, before bringing up an Instagram account called “S**t London Guinness”, full of photos of terribly poured pints. “I wasn’t there to oversee that. That’s terrible.”