Tom Hanks Reveals His ‘Horrible’ New Haircut: ‘I Just Scared The Children’

Tom Hanks jokes about his new ‘do during an interview with Graham Norton for the host’s New Year’s Eve special, which is set to air Thursday night.

The actor says he’s been filming in Australia for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biographical film about Elvis Presley, before revealing the “horrible” haircut he’s been hiding underneath his cap.

Hanks, who is playing Colonel Tom Parker in the flick, asks, originally hiding the top of his head from the camera: “Can you see that? Look at that thing!”

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He adds, “I just scared the children, I want to apologize.”

Hanks tells host Norton that he could actually play him in his biopic if he were to grow a little hair on top and a big beard.

The star then jokes with Emily Blunt, who is also a guest on the show, about starring in western movies, with Blunt making an unfortunate comment about one horse called Rusty who “did me in,” telling everyone: “I couldn’t walk the next day.”

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Hanks then asks whether “Rusty did me in” is the title of her upcoming project.

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