Alec Baldwin Tells Troll Off As He Jumps To Wife Hilaria’s Defense Amid Accent Controversy

Alec Baldwin is continuing to stick up for his wife Hilaria following the recent accent controversy.

Hilaria was forced to defend herself recently after critics accused her of lying about her Spanish heritage.

Alec then posted a Mark Twain quote on Instagram Monday, which read: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Not one to take any negative comments lightly, he responded “Go f**k yourself” as one social media user wrote: “Like your wife being Spanish when she lived in Massachusetts her entire life.”

Credit: Instagram/Alec Baldwin
Credit: Instagram/Alec Baldwin

Another Instagram user wrote, “She wanted to reinvent herself – so what? Isn’t America all about that? Just please stop insulting people who can see clear facts. Non of her parents is Spanish. She is not Spanish. She admires and loves Spain so much that she reinveted herself as a Spanish woman while many were hiding fact that they are Latino. So there are many ways to defend this – saying that facts are not facts is not one.”

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Alec replied, “She was born in Boston but grew up in Spain. You got it?”

Credit: Instagram/Alec Baldwin
Credit: Instagram/Alec Baldwin

The post comes after journalist and podcaster, Tracie Egan Morrissey, took to her Instagram Story over the weekend to share a multitude of posts examining Hilaria’s alleged claims of her Spanish heritage, and called into question whether or not she has misrepresented her ethnic and cultural background.

The series of posts included clips in which Hilaria appeared to speak with a prominent Spanish accent, juxtaposed against clips in which she appeared to have no noticeable accent. The posts also delved into both of Hilaria’s parents’ backgrounds, which seemed to indicate that both her parents have American ancestry.

Hilaria has since had her say on Instagram, explaining her side of things.

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