Willow Smith Talks Farting On A First Date On ‘Red Table Talk’

Willow Smith gets real about first dates and how they can get really tense sometimes.

On the latest episode of “Red Table Talk”, Willow Smith talks to mom Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris about dealing with awkward social situations, with guests New York Times columnist Philip Galanes and comedian Kym Whitley.

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During the conversation, Willow revealed one of her awkward moments involved passing gas, but luckily things turned out alright.

“I farted on a date one time,” she said. “I had met this person before. We were having a really good time and he made me laugh very hard and that was the outcome of the laugh.”

She continued, “He just looked at me and there was a moment of both of us realizing what happened and we both just started cracking up even more. It was that awkward crack up, ‘I’m only laughing right now because I don’t know what else to say.'”

Asked whether she ever saw the person again, Willow laughed, “Hunty, a little fart can’t mess ‘this’ up!”

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Galanes then revealed that he had a much more awkward situation happen to him on a date when he accidentally peed a little in his pants.

“It was much, much worse, because I had to stand up and it was not good,” he said a the panel laughed.

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