Emily Blunt is good at a lot of things, but she’s not so good at pouring a pint of Guinness.

Blunt recalls being asked to pour a pint in a pub once, admitting she thought she’d be “amazing” at it and “crush” it. However, it didn’t go to plan.

The actress tells Graham Norton during Thursday’s New Year’s Eve show, “There was a crowd of people watching me pour the pint, who were cheering [at first] and then as the pint turned into a pint of foam, it just dwindled to nothing.”

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Norton then shows a picture of the pint, to which Jamie Dornan reveals there’s an Instagram account mocking awful pints of Guinness in London, and her pint should be on it.

Blunt also speaks about her husband John Krasinski’s successful pandemic YouTube show “Some Good News”, which was picked up by ViacomCBS in May.

She tells Norton, “It was completely his invention, his doing.

“He’s wanted to do something like it for the last five years and during the pandemic it seemed like the right time.

“I think he thought it was going to be this silly sweet thing that nobody would see, and it turned into this massive deal,” the “Mary Poppins Returns” star adds.

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Blunt continues, “It became a wild horse in our house that took over. It was so wonderful because it turned the quarantine into something so productive and exciting.

“I truly was only making banana bread in the background while he did all of it.

“I think he would like it to continue. It was overwhelming at the time, but he really loved it.”