Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are loving living together in the Big Apple.

Adams recently revealed she’d be living a bicoastal lifestyle, travelling between NYC and Los Angeles, and she’s now shared a video of herself from Clark’s Manhattan home on Instagram to update fans.

Adams, who got engaged to Clark during “The Bachelorette” finale last week, was pictured alongside her beau as they stepped out in the city together, with the pair appearing to be happier than ever.

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Credit: The Image Direct
Credit: The Image Direct

“I kind of forgot about Instagram for a hot minute, which is so funny,” Adams told fans on her Instagram Story. “But I have just been so excited just to live life, and not going 100 miles an hour, slash living a double life and being in secret. But I have been so distracted with just being in the same house with Zac.”

She explained how she and Clark would “FaceTime for hours on end” or chat on the “phone for three, four hours,” because they weren’t allowed to be seen together before the show ended.

“So surreal that we can just be out in the open,” Adams gushed.

She then said of their living situation, “We have to kind of get some furniture. We have to spruce up the place. It’s definitely a bachelor pad here, wouldn’t you agree?”

Clark replied, “Absolutely,” as Adams added, “So we got to change that up real quick.”

“We’re doing good!” she shared, before asking her fiancé, “Would you say we’re doing good?”

Clark responded, “Better than good — great.”