At 50, Halle Berry lives the healthiest lifestyle she can.

In a new essay for Women’s Health, the actress reveals the three foods she has avoided for years after being diagnosed with diabetes at age 22, explaining that she was a “complete sugar addict” before.

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“After my diagnosis, though, it was like a switch flipped,” she admits. “My health was on the line, so I went cold turkey on my sugar-filled ways. Out the window went the candy, the desserts, and even super-sweet fruit.”

Berry says she also stays away from white carbs.

“After giving sugar the boot, I quickly learned that the body breaks down refined carbs straight into sugar, so I swore off those in order to better manage my diabetes, too. I ditched rice (yes, even brown rice), pasta, and bread—and never looked back,” she explains, adding that she has since adopted a “keto lifestyle.”

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Finally, Berry also says she had cut ‘conventional wine” out of her diet.

“For me, the final piece of the puzzle was wine. I have always loved wine, but as I upgraded the rest of my lifestyle to manage my diabetes and feel as healthy as possible, I wondered if there was a better way to enjoy my wine,” she says, adding that she eventually discovered keto-friendly wine, which doesn’t have as much alcohol or any added sugars.

The actress says, “While conventional wines often got me buzzed fast and left me with a headache, these did not. Yet again, I wouldn’t go back to the old stuff for a second.”