Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Send 2020 Packing With Plenty Of Tequila Shots

It’s not New Year’s Eve without watching Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen get drunk.

On Thursday night, CNN held its annual New Year’s Eve broadcast, co-hosted by the two TV personalities, who rang in 2021 with high spirits and plenty of drinks.

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At one point, the duo actually did a round of tequila shots on the air, and Cooper’s reaction became an instant viral moment.

Actor Judge Reinhold took particular pleasure in one moment — a conversation about the annoyances of children’s toys that parents have to deal with.

“Clap those little hands,” Cooper sang, mimicking a toy. “Clap those tiny hands.”

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Snoop Dogg also appeared during the broadcast and shared just a few of the many, many places he’s smoked marijuana.

Also on the broadcast, Cohen and Cooper were joined by “Tiger King” stars Carole Baskin and her husband Howard Baskin, who were dressed up for the occasion and accompanied by a stuffed tiger.

Cohen and Cooper also checked in with CNN’s Randi Kaye, who was celebrating the new year at a puppy bar full of adorable dogs from Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

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