Emily Maynard had a surprising revelation for fans on New Year’s Day.

Amongst a series of postings she issued on Instagram Story in Jan. 1, the “Bachelorette” alum shared one about a surprising health scare.

In the post, she revealed she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in September and “had to wear a patch” on one of her eyes.

According to Healthline, Bell’s Palsy “causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face,” typically leading to “one side of your face to droop or become stiff.”

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Symptoms of Bell’s palsy are not permanent, and will usually do away after a few weeks.

While Maynard didn’t share any other details about her diagnosis, this isn’t her first experience with the condition.

In her 2016 memoir, I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption and True Love, she writes about being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy during her junior year of high school.

At the time, she wrote, her doctor assured her “that with corticosteroid medication, the use of an eye patch at night sol I could sleep, and good old-fashioned time, I would make a full recovery.”

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She added: “While I wasn’t thrilled that my symptoms wouldn’t disappear entirely for a few weeks, I was grateful it wasn’t anything more serious.”

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