Fans of musical theatre who’ve been missing live performances since the onset of the pandemic received a treat from an unexpected source: a “Ratouille” musical comprised of original songs, lyrics and concepts from fans on TikTok.

The result: the crowdsourced “Ratatousical”, with the fan-created musical (based on the Pixar hit) performed by a cast of talented performers.

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Tituss Burgess (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) starred as Remy, the rat who dreams of becoming a French chef, while other roles were filled by Adam Lambert as Remy’s brother, Emile, Ashley Park (“Emily in Paris”) as human chef Colette, and a scene-stealing Wayne Brady as Remy’s father, Django.

Judging by Twitter response, fans were over the moon for the virtual musical.

Best of all, the virtual musical raised more than $1 million for The Actors Fund, an organization that supports performers who’ve had their livelihoods stripped away by COVID-19.

“Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” is available to stream until Jan. 4; more information can be found right here.