Justin Bieber Is Once Again Challenging Tom Cruise To A Fight

Justin Bieber thinks he has what it takes to get into the boxing ring with Tom Cruise.

On Saturday, the singer shared a black-and-white photo of himself on Instagram, showing him in full boxing gear from his recently released “Anyone” music video.

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In the caption, Bieber wrote, “Tom Cruise is toast.”

The caption is a reference to his joking tweet from 2019 in which he challenged Cruise to a fight in an MMA octagon.

He later told TMZ, “I was just playin’. I’m pretty sure Tom would … probably whup my a** in a fight.”

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Meanwhile, Bieber’s latest challenge extended to the “Mission: Impossible” star had some famous friends chiming in.

“‘You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder,'” Dwayne Johnson commented, referencing a line from “Rocky”. “Go get em bro.”

Benny Blanco added, “Def knocking me out in the first round.”

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