“Bean Dad”, the viral controversy of the day, has ensnared “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings.

On Sunday, musician John Roderick became the subject of ridicule and controversy after posting a lengthy thread describing his attempt to have his nine-year-old daughter learn how to work a can opener on her own in order to cook up some beans.

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According to his account, Roderick’s daughter spent six hours trying to figure out how to use the can opener before finally getting it to work.

Jennings, who co-hosts the podcast “Omnibus” with Roderick, took to Twitter on Sunday to defend him, explaining that the story was “heightened-for-effect” and adding that Roderick is “a loving and attentive dad.”

Since going viral, Roderick has deactivated his account. In the midst of the attention, users dug up a number of old tweets featuring anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks.

Asked about the tweets in question, Jennings continued to defend his co-host.

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Last month, Jennings apologized for old tweets of his own that some had found offensive, acknowledging that he had written “unartful and insensitive things.”

The podcast “My Brother, My Brother & Me”, which features a theme song written by Roderick, announced in the wake of the controversy that they will be searching for new theme music going forward.