As the fifth anniversary since David Bowie’s death nears, people have been talking about an incredible clip showing the late musician talking about racial diversity.

During a 1983 interview, Bowie questioned MTV’s Mark Goodman on why the network didn’t show more Black singers.

In the video doing the rounds on social media, Bowie asked, “I’m just floored by the fact that there’s so few Black artists featured on it. Why is that?”

Goodman insisted the music station was “trying to move in that direction,” but at the same time wanted to feature artists that “fit into what we want to play for MTV.”

“That’s evident,” Bowie responded. “It’s evident in the fact that the only few Black artists that one does see are on about 2:30 in the morning to around 6. Very few are featured predominantly during the day.”

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“There seems to be a lot of Black artists making very good videos that I’m surprised aren’t used on MTV,” the musician, who passed away on Jan. 10, 2016, went on to point out.

Digging himself into a hole, Goodman said how they had to think of Midwestern tastes, as well as those watching in New York and Los Angeles, for example.

The interviewer added those viewers “would be scared to death by Prince or a string of other Black faces.”

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“That’s very interesting. Isn’t that interesting?” Bowie said, clearly not impressed.

As the clip continued to circulate online, the likes of Missy Elliott and Ice-T were among those praising Bowie for having the courage to speak up about race.

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