Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain have a lot of questions about Jamie Dornan’s recent shirtless selfie.

Back in November, the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” actor posted a photograph which showed him topless and holding a light in his mouth while standing in a dark room.

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“Party for one,” he captioned the shot.

“Queer Eye” star Tan France questioned,” What are we celebrating?”, to which Dornan replied, “Eldest’s 7th birthday! 4 more at party so not officially a party for one.”

Dornan and wife Amelia Warner are parents to Dulcie, who celebrated her 7th birthday, Elva, 4, and Alberta, 1.

While appearing on the latest episode of “The Graham Norton Show”, Dornan’s fellow guest stars had some lingering questions about the incident.

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“Jamie, what is that picture?” asked his “Wild Mountain Thyme” co-star, Blunt. “Why is there a blue light coming from your mouth?”

Dornan explained, “We were all having a party and that’s like a sort of playroom area that we have. There’s a disco going on. As you can see, there’s disco lights there in the background. We had these balloons that had lights in them and I had one of those in my mouth.”

He laughed, “I was dancing and I was trying to make my kids laugh and I took my shirt off.”

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“That’s a selfie?” asked Chastain, before simply adding, “Wow!”