There’s no end to Alicia Keys’ talents.

The musician shared a jaw-dropping video on Instagram showing her painting a blank canvas using her piano.

“Yo, I think I just did something crazy,” Keys told her fans.

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“Watch this,” she added, before a series of bright paint was ejected from her hot pink piano.

The paint landed on a canvas situated to the right-hand side of the musical instrument.

Keys’ latest post comes after she shared a Happy New Year post with her fans.

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Her message included, “Mirror mirror on the wall…⁣ We always thought that was a part of some fairy tale but I really believe in speaking to yourself in the mirror.

“It’s so powerful to see yourself, just you and yourself, connected, eye to eye, heart to heart! Just looking and choosing to love yourself as you are is such a superpower!!”

Adding it was a “time for reflection,” Keys then wished her followers all the best for 2021.

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