Gordon Ramsay Says Wife Tana Wants To Have A Sixth Baby During Lockdown

Gordon Ramsay’s family might be growing larger.

On Monday night, the celebrity chef appeared on “The Tonight Show” and shared with host Jimmy Fallon that his wife Tana has been pushing to have another baby amid the UK’s latest lockdown.

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“Tana’s asking for a sixth across the lockdown because literally two hours ago our prime minister has just announced we’re in lockdown now until the 15th of February,” Ramsay said.

“So she said, ‘We have good news tomorrow night,’ and I said, ‘So what’s that, darling?'” he continued. “She said, ‘Well, you’re up late talking to Jimmy tomorrow night we can go for number 6.'”

Ramsay and his wife have been married since 1996 and have five children together.

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Ramsay also previewed his upcoming Las Vegas season of “Hell’s Kitchen” and revealed that at one point some of the season’s contestants actually went missing after long nights out in Sin City.

“But we had some very good producers. You know what Vegas is like. It’s an amazing place. I was on the edge two or three times, let me tell you.”

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