Jana Kramer had a parenting scare Monday.

The mom of two, who shares Jolie, 4, and Jace, 2, with her husband Mike Caussin, shared a lengthy post on Instagram, explaining how she thought her daughter had been taken after leaving her to play with a new friend for a moment.

Kramer revealed how she and Caussin had been playing with Jace while Jolie played with a “sweet little girl” she’d met at the park before “the absolute scariest thing” happened.

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Insisting she watches her kids “like hawks,” Kramer wrote: “I went down the slide with Jace again and I saw Jolie running around again with her sweet friend. Mike was also patrolling too but we both went down the slide with Jace because Jolie was running around. But then the next minute a lady walked up to me and said, ‘Your daughter just got into a white suv.’ My heart went straight to my gut and I said WHAT?!!!”

Kramer continued in the post, “I then saw Jolie and the little girl coming around the back of the car to which the little girls mom was in car. I clung to Jolie so quick and caught my breath and tried to turn off all the ‘what if’s’ going through my brain.”

She said the whole thing had been an “eye-opening experience, especially for someone like me who is super present.”

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“Literally in a blink of a second… that’s how fast a kid could be taken,” Kramer wrote. “Thank God that’s not what happened here and the little girl Jolie was with just wanted to see her mom but it’s a reminder for all of us to stay present, be aware because they might not end up like today and be watchful like the amazing mom that came up to me.”

She added that she’d since had “the talk” with the little one after expecting her “to know she can’t leave without mommy or daddy.”

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