Losing her father to a heroin overdose when she was just seven was a defining moment in the life of Naomi Watts.

In a new interview with Vogue Australiareports the Daily Mail, the Australian actress revealed she still hasn’t really come to grips with the death of her father Peter Watts, a sound engineer and road manager for Pink Floyd.

“Having grown up losing my dad at a very early age, I think that’s a story I know well,” said Watts. “It’s still sorting itself out at the ripe age of 52.”

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That childhood trauma, she revealed, is still a big part of her psychological makeup.

“Through that, you lose a part of yourself,” she explained. “You feel like you’re not fully formed in a way.”

Given that her parents had separated, Watts said in a 2017 interview with People, she has very little of her father to cling on to.

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“You’ve got to understand, I’ve got maybe three photos of my dad, and maybe two memories,” Watts said. “And all of the photos of him are either out of focus or he’s a tiny speck in the background.”

As a result, she added, “I’ve definitely done periods of time in a therapist’s office. Got some proper help at points of crisis.”