Gwen Stefani told Jimmy Fallon about Blake Shelton’s “magical” proposal during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday.

The singer, who has been promoting her new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”, said of Shelton popping the question: “It was actually pretty magical.”

Shelton and Stefani announced their engagement on October 27 with an adorable social media post. They’ve been together for over five years.

Stefani told Fallon, “[I] wasn’t expecting it at the moment that it happened, at all. Didn’t have any idea, nobody knew. I think he had told my dad on my birthday about two weeks earlier, and I gotta tell you, I was sort of like, ‘What’s happening with us?’

“It was kind of in my mind like, ‘We’ve been together a long time now. What’s going on?’ I was in that place in my head.”

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Stefani admitted they’d nearly cancelled the trip to Oklahoma because of the coronavirus pandemic, recalling how Shelton had kept the ring in his “disgusting” truck.

She gushed of the proposal, “We both start bawling. Everyone was in shock.”

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“We have no plans because of the pandemic,” she added of their eventual wedding. “It’s like, ‘Blake, why couldn’t you have done it before?’ Now we can’t have a wedding with the pandemic. It’s like sitting around going, ‘OK, drag it out more!'”

Stefani also answered 50 rapid-fire personal questions during her appearance on the show, as well as performing her brand new track. See more in the clips below.