Josh Gad, Eric McCormack and more stars are asking Twitter to remove Donald Trump’s account from the social media platform.

The call for action from the platform comes as Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington on Wednesday. Protests came as Congress and Republican lawmakers were certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election win. NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press report that a woman was shot and is in critical condition inside the Capitol building.

As seen on his Twitter page, Trump has been relentless in his efforts to overturn the election results.

But while protests turned violet, Trump refused to call off his supporters until hours later when he finally told them to go home. As a result, the “Frozen” actor and “Will & Grace” alum are hoping Twitter, and its CEO Jack Dorsey, will take action.

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“On behalf of America, @jack and @twitter you need to pull the chord on him now. He can’t have this platform anymore,” Gad pleaded. “Don’t be complicit in the violence he is instigating. Anyone out there want to co-sign.”

“Damn right,” McCormack agreed.

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Sacha Baron Cohen shared similar sentiments, asking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google for a complete banning of Trump.

“Hey Mark Zuckerberg, Jack [Dorsey], Susan Wojcicki, and Sundar Pichai, Donald Trump just incited a violent attack on American democracy,” he wrote. “Is that FINALLY enough for you to act?! It’s time to ban Donald Trump from your platforms once and for all!”

Take a look at all the other celebs who are joining Gad and Cohen’s petition: