Months after making her debut as Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall on “The Crown”, actress Emerald Fennell says she feels a special connection to the royal.

Fennell, 35, chatted with WSJ. Magazine this month and opened up about her acting career while playing Camilla, starring in “Killing Eve” and directing Carey Mulligan in “Promising Young Woman”.

“It’s actually a huge relief to me,” she said of her craft. “I love the oblivion that you get when you’re being someone else. I’m definitely not the sort of actor who would have script notes.”

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Illustration by Britt Berger
Illustration by Britt Berger

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And playing Camilla felt different for Fennell, “That’s the great thing about Camilla. She’s just not a fairytale character. She’s this person who wasn’t wanting to be part of it at all, but regrettably fell in love with somebody right at the centre of it.”

But making “Promising Young Woman”, which follows Cassie (Mulligan) who gets chance to right the wrongs from her past, Fennell says “was about making a female-led revenge movie about someone who felt real.”

She added, “It was in every comedy movie when I was growing up, every comedy TV show, something people routinely talked about openly. It was completely endemic and is still completely endemic.”

“Promising Young Woman” is available on demand and in select theatres now.