Lindsay Arnold has been taking heat on social media after sharing a vacation pic.

On Tuesday, the “Dancing With the Stars” pro posted some bikini shots from a tropical getaway she took with her husband Sam Cusick and their two-month-old daughter.

While the new mom’s holiday snap earned her plenty of praise for her svelte post-pregnancy bod, there were others who took her to task for travelling in the midst of a worldwide pandemic while millions throughout the U.S. are hunkered down under lockdown orders.

Among the angry comments was one who bashed her for going “on a freaking vacation with your infant baby!!! Come on!”

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Another wrote, “It’s so sad to see influencers flying and going on vacation with no worries about the virus.”

On Wednesday, Arnold responded via a post on her Instagram Story, sharing a smiling selfie while making the thumbs-up gesture.

“This is my thumbs up to everyone out there who actually thinks it’s okay to comment or criticize on anyone else’s parenting. Why? Why do we do this to others? Especially people we don’t even know,” she wrote in the caption, as reported by Us Weekly.

Admitting she’s “far from perfect,” she added, “You don’t need to remind me of that but why don’t we use our energy instead of always looking for the negative and finding things to criticize? I’m very over it. So if that’s what you want to do on Instagram, please unfollow me and leave my kind and loving followers alone.”

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