Even Santa loses his cool, sometimes.

On Wednesday, Tim Allen appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and admitted, “I’m not really a big fan of children.”

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As Clarkson laughed uproariously, Allen continued, “I have them. I like mine, kind of. I don’t like other people’s children. And when we did ‘The Santa Clause’, I was like cats. They wouldn’t leave me alone.”

He then told how he once got into trouble on the set of “The Santa Clause 2” when he was trying to get a scene finished after multiple takes, but was distracted by two kids fighting in the background.

“Fifteen takes later, the kids said one more word and I let out the loudest F-bomb,” Allen recalled. “And I turned around, and there are 12 children who look like you had ripped their legs off.”

He added, “Their Santa has just screamed the F-bomb.”

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Allen said that some people from Disney came in to calm down the kids and their parents, claiming the actor had used a Swedish word for “holiday trim.”

“Kids didn’t buy it,” Allen said. “Nobody bought it. I never did that again. I shocked these poor kids.”