Regina King Examines ‘The Divided States Of America’ After Capitol Riots

Regina King can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the Capitol Hill riot on Wednesday and Black Lives Matter protests that took place in 2020.

The Academy Award-winning actress addressed Wednesday’s riots on that evening’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. On Wednesday, pro-Trump protesters overran Capitol Hill on the day that U.S. Congress certified Joe Biden’s U.S. presidential victory.

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King juxtaposed the police response to Wednesday’s riots at Capitol Hill to how law enforcement handled Black Lives Matter protests.

“I tuned in to people with pitchforks being escorted down the steps, after protesting, very calmly by police officers, after they had broken windows. The Divided States of America,” King expressed. “No tear gas, it was, wow, quite the vision.”

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In an effort to clear her mind, King disconnected her DirectTV a while back and picked up gardening. King revealed it was “Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson who got her into gardening. She said Anderson had “quite the green thumb.”

“I started gardening during the quarantine,” she shared. “I’ve grown kale, tomatoes, different varieties of peppers. I’ve grown some onions from cuttings. I’ve had three yieldings of kale in my garden since I’ve started. It’s been quite rewarding.”

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