Jim Carrey is laying into Donald Trump once again.

Following Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, Carrey shared a new illustration of the outgoing president, depicting him as a “Killer Clown.”

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“But Covfefe, the Killer Clown didn’t just come to take lives,” Carrey wrote in the caption. “He’s here to murder the truth and weaponize ignorance.”

“Today’s defilement of the Capitol dome is the harvest of Republican negligence and outright sedition from the top down. The chronic symptoms of a corrupt President and Senate are now in full effect,” he continued.

Carrey also addressed Joe Biden, writing, “Sorry Joe… this clown made you a wartime president whether you like it or not.”

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In recent months, Carrey has shared a number of political illustrations, calling out Republicans, celebrating the election of Biden, making fun of Trump and more.