Kathy Najimy is giving an update on the upcoming “Hocus Pocus” sequel.

Stopping by SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Najimy said she, Sarah Jessica Parker and Better Midler had a “couple of weeks on the phone talking about the script.”

Adding, “that was really fun, obviously.”

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Now the finer details like “location, times and dates and how long and all that” are being worked out. But despite Midler previously saying “they’ve asked us if we were interested and of course all of us said yes” about the sequel, Najimy “can’t really give a yay or nay either way” while details are being decided on and the pandemic continues on.

“We talked a lot about notes and if we did now, it’s just, and we all have said in a perfect world, yes,” she added.

Najimy also had a lot of praise for Midler saying she is “a huge, huge inspiration for my whole entire life. Like half of me is me because of Bette Midler, half of me is me because my mom, Gloria Steinem and Bette Midler.”

And speaking of sequels, Najimy would also looks forward to “Sister Act 3”.


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She said that Whoopi Goldberg is “trying to get that going.”

“You know why I like that, no hair, no makeup, no spanks. It’s a win win for me,” she added.

In December, Deadline did report that Goldberg would be reprising her role as Deloris Wilson with Tyler Perry producing.

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