Ricky Gervais hasn’t gotten up from his chair in months.

On Thursday night, the “Extras” star appeared on “The Tonight Show” and gave host Jimmy Fallon an updated on his time in quarantine since he last appeared on the show in April.

“I’ve been in this seat,” Gervais joked. “Nothing’s happened, it’s like Groundhogs Day.”

He added, “In fact you might as well rerun the interview in April. I’m probably wearing the same T-shirt.”

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Thankfully, as Fallon jokingly pointed out, “The vaccines are being rolled out and you’re on the list, obviously.”

Gervais acknowledged being on the list for the COVID-19 vaccine, but said, “You put in the details and it tells you where you are and there’s like 30 million people ahead of me.”

The comedian continued, “How could I not be vulnerable; look at me,” pointing at himself. “It’s so annoying.”

Then he joked, “I will fight an old lady for that vaccine, like ‘Game Of Thrones’. I would be like a deranged junkie. I will grab the needle right out of her arm.”

The 59-year-old then revealed that he does have a plan to get himself moved up the list for the vaccine.

“My plan is, in the next few months, I’m going to be clinically obese, so I will be high risk,” he joked. “‘Let’s get this fat f**k injected — he’s going to die.’ This is a bad plan. This is a very bad plan.”

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Also on the show, Fallon had Gervais play a game of “Wheel of Opinions” with him.

Gervais gave impromptu opinions on everything from horoscopes to space exploration.

“Ridiculous. Nonsense,” he said of horoscopes. “A pseudoscience. How can people born around the same time have all the same characteristics?”