Daisy Edgar-Jones paid a virtual visit to “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to discuss her breakout role in the hit Hulu drama “Normal People”.

The conversation turned to her character’s distinctive bangs, with host Jimmy Fallon pointing out that fans of the show are now trying to attain “the ‘Normal People’ fringe.”

According to Edgar-Jones, the hairstyle was a complete fluke.

“It’s so funny ’cause my fringe came from a result of not getting a part I really wanted,” she explained.

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“And I was so sad and I was like, ‘Right, I’m gonna do a change, I’m just gonna chop off all my front bits of my hair,'” she continued. “And then after that I got a job, so I do owe a lot of my career to — I seem to only be able to act if you can only see a partial amount of my face.”

By the time the show debuted earlier this year, in the midst of the pandemic lockdown, her bangs had grown “out of control.”

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“My poor flatmate had the responsibility of cutting it,” said Edgar-Jones. “She did a pretty good job but it definitely went through lots of different stages and now I’m trying to grow it out and that’s stressful enough as it is.”