Ken Jennings Reveals Tom Hanks Sent Him A Personal Note After His Original ‘Jeopardy!’ Winning Streak

Ken Jennings has a fan in Tom Hanks.

In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, the “Jeopardy!” champion and interim host revealed that Hanks sent him a fan letter after his original winning stream in 2004.

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Jennings said he received “a lovely note of praise” about his “Jeopardy!” skills.

“It sounds braggy,” he continued. “I knew it was really Tom Hanks” because the letter was written on a typewriter.

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Talking about stepping in as “Jeopardy!” interim host following Alex Trebek’s death in November, Jennings admitted he wishes his lifelong dream of playing game show host came under happier circumstances.

“When I hear that music,” he said, “I want to see Alex out there too, you know? I’m right there with the viewer. In a perfect world, that’s Alex’s job. And he was perfect at it.”

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