Losing to Prince in table tennis is definitely a life highlight for Jimmy Fallon.

Appearing on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show”, the “Tonight Show” host recalled playing a game of ping-pong against the late music legend.

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Fallon explained that he once got a call from Prince’s manager, telling him to go to a ping-pong club to play against him.

Prince was there waiting for him, in a full double-breast purple suit, holding a paddle and asked Fallon, “You ready for this?”

The two then faced off, with Prince handily claiming victory.

“I go over to pick up the ball, I come back, and he’s gone,” Fallon recalled. “He’s gone.”

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Also on the show, Fallon talked about performing stand-up in the U.K. early in his career and getting booed.

“It was 1995 and I was there for a week on holiday. I went to the Comedy Store and asked to do a routine,” he said. “I turned up at midnight and I was so excited, but the crowd was a bit rough and when I was introduced as being from America they just booed and booed before I had even said my name.”

Thankfully, he managed to turn the crowd around to his side.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I was so nervous and was shaking, but it was one of the best gigs of my life and I almost got a standing ovation!” he said.