Sir David Attenborough admitted he won’t be returning to Instagram, after he quit the platform in November.

The beloved broadcaster and conservationist joined the platform in September, posting a powerful climate change video that warned “the world is in trouble.” Attenborough broke the then-record for the fastest account to reach a million followers but swiftly deactivated the account two months later.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James on Friday, the wildlife documentary filmmaker confessed there’s no going back: “I’m so old I can’t get used to all these new media but I was persuaded to do so in order to do a message about conservation.”

“So for a limited period of time I contributed to Instagram but I’m off now. I’m not on it anymore and I don’t intend to go back. I’ve got enough problems with post.”

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The 94-year-old divulged that he gets up to 70 letters a day, “I do my very best [to respond to them all]. Sometimes people, mercifully, don’t actually put their address on because people are so unaccustomed to sending letters.”

James joked that now that Sir David had declared he answers fan letters, he will be getting even more. The much-loved naturalist then quipped: “If you wouldn’t mind including a self-addressed stamped envelope I’d be delighted to reply!”

In September, the historian attracted one million accounts in just four hours and 44 minutes. The media personality beat out Jennifer Aniston’s time of five hours and 16 minutes, but has since been taken over by Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, who amassed the backing in just four hours and one minute.

The conservation expert’s site still boasts a staggering 6.2 million followers and will signpost fans to inspiring accounts. A spokesperson for his film, “A Life On Our Planet”, told MailOnline: “Sir David and the filmmakers of ‘A Life On Our Planet’ had always intended for the account to be a series of special messages over a limited period of time.”

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“Primarily, they wanted to use the platform to explain the current problems facing our natural world and the solutions to help us deal with them,” they said. While there won’t be any new posts going live, the account will remain open for people to watch Sir David’s videos and read the posts that have been shared since the account was created.

Closing out the interview, the historian was then quizzed by a schoolboy, who asked, “what can I do to help stop climate change?”

Attenborough responded by saying: “It’s a global problem that needs global solutions but there are lots of things we can do. One of the best mottos you can have is don’t waste things. Don’t waste food, electricity and gas.” He went on to implore people to “live economically.”