Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Endorsement On ‘Shark Tank’

One “Shark Tank” hopefully already had the support of a major celeb before presenting to the panel of Sharks.

The ALL33 Backstrong C1, the luxury ergonomic office chair was presented by CEO Bing Howenstein on Friday night’s episode of the hit show.

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Howenstein was asking investors for $500,000 for a 2.5 per cent stake in the company, putting the valuation of the company at $20 million.

Helping with his pitch was a special endorsement from Justin Bieber in a video shared with the Sharks.

“If you gotta sit, this is it,” Bieber said in the clip after talking about how great his posture in the chair is.

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The Sharks did pass after they weren’t impressed with the valuation, but since the pitch was filmed in fall 2020, the company has reported “multiple record-breaking sales months.”


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