Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress Rachel Uchitel Reveals How His Wife Tricked Her Into Admitting To Affair

The new HBO documentary “Tiger” pulls back the curtain to peer into the life of golf icon Tiger Woods, including the controversy that destroyed his marriage and flatlined his golf career after the revelation he’d been having multiple affairs behind the back of then-wife Elin Nordegren.

One of those women is interviewed in the doc, with the Daily Mail reporting on the revelations made by Rachel Uchitel.

“I have stayed quiet about this story but at this point I have nothing left to lose. My name hasn’t lost the stigma at all,” she said of why she chose to tell her story for “Tiger”.

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According to Uchitel, Woods referred to their lovemaking as “plugging in,” explaining, “He would tell me when he saw me he felt he could plug in and get recharged.”

Uchitel was the first woman identified as one of what would turn out to be dozens of mistresses, and she admitted they thought they’d been busted when the National Enquirer had been surveilling them for months, eventually running a story after spotting her entering Woods’ hotel suite.

When the story ran and quickly faded, she recalled texting Woods to celebrate that they had “gotten away unscathed in what could have been a complete nightmare.”

She received a text from Woods’ number that read, “You were the only one I ever loved,” adding that he he was going to take an Ambien and go to sleep.

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Shortly after, she received another text, reading, “When am I going to see you again.” Then the phone rang. She answered with “Hey babe.”

It wasn’t Wood who had called, but his wife. “I knew it was you,” Nordegren told Uchitel. 

Shortly after that call, Nordegren confronted Woods, leading to a furious argument that resulted those infamous reports that she chased him out of the house with a golf club before he fled in an SUV, only to crash into a tree.

In the subsequent divorce, Nordegren reportedly received a settlement of $100 million.

According to Uchitel, Woods arranged for her to get a confidentiality settlement, advising her to “get as much as you can” from his attorneys.

“I think to him that was his only way to love me at the time,” she said.

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“Tiger” debuts on Sunday, Jan. 10.

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