Mark Wahlberg is committed to staying in shape.

In fact, fans were shook when he revealed a few years back that he wakes up each morning at 2:30 a.m. in order to hit the gym.

In a new video he shared on Instagram on Sunday, the famously fit 49-year-old shared footage from one of those early-morning (or is it late at night?) workouts.

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“All right! Can’t wait for F45s to open back up in LA,” he begins in the brief video, referring to the F45 chain of gyms in which he’s an investor.

“In the meantime, 2:30 in the morning and I am hitting it on my Power Plate pro7,” he continued, describing the machine as taking his workouts “to another level.”

He concluded by saying, “See you tomorrow at 2:30.”

Back in 2018, Walhberg freaked out fans when he shared the schedule for his daily workout regime on Instagram Story.

Mark Wahlberg/Instagram
Mark Wahlberg/Instagram