“Heartland” is back, and it’s already bringing the tears.

On Sunday night, the CBC show had its 14th season premiere, and with it came a heartbreaking goodbye to a fan-favourite character.




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During the opening of the premiere, Graham Wardle’s character Ty Borden suddenly collapses and dies from complications related to the gunshot wound he suffered at the end of last season.

As Wardle said in a video message to fans of the show, “I know that this is tough, because people have grown up with this show, and there’s an attachment to the ideas of these characters and the stories being told.

“But I also think that there’s a really good story, a really good truth: that everything comes to an end and everything dies, so make the most of what you have and live it to the fullest.”

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Speaking to ET Canada, Wardle’s co-star Amber Marshall discussed the tragic season opener and how her character Amy will be dealing with the death of her on-screen husband.

“I think throughout this season, it’s very important for my character to recognize that she is the support system for her daughter,” she said. “Because not only has she lost someone, but her daughter has lost her father.”

She added, “It’s about pushing forward and finding that strength to be there for not just her daughter, but the entire ‘Heartland’ family that was affected by this.”