Canada’s own Lilly Singh is kicking off 2021 with the second season of her Global late-night talk show, “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”.

Singh broke barriers with the first season, becoming the first woman, the first Canadian, the first person of Indian-Canadian heritage, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community to host a major U.S. late-night talk show.

With season 2 premiering tonight, the host tells ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel about how new episodes will differ from their predecessors, including the hiring of more diverse and gender-balanced writers — a very important change for Singh.

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“I do believe that inclusion and a writer’s room, and a crew, and a set looking like the world, is important, I think it’s important to have all those POVs,” she explains. “And honestly, it’s just the environment that I want to be in, I want to reflect the world.”

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought its own set of challenges for production, Singh has taken this opportunity to get creative and bring back some of her YouTube techniques while shooting from home.

“We’re shooting in a house not a studio, I am kind of merging some of my YouTube attitude into this show in the sense of not having to hit a mark and be perfect, not having to redo things if I make a mistake — I’m embracing mistakes.

“There’s no audience obviously, because of the world, but the crew is my audience. I’m interacting with the crew, I’m having banter with my sound guy.”

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In terms of guests, the Scarborough, Ontario, native says the new season will feature celebrities, while also spotlighting those who wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to appear on a late-night talk show.

“We wanna hear from celebrities, and actors, and actresses, and musicians, but I also want to talk to people who aren’t necessarily famous, but have dope things to say, and are doing great things,” she explains.

“There are so many people who have great initiatives, who have written great books, who are doing great things in their communities that have never had the opportunity to be on late night. And they have great stories, and they’re the type of people who deserve the platform.”

The 32-year-old also guarantees each episode will have one sketch “at minimum.”

On her personal outlook for the upcoming season, Singh says she wants to prioritize fun.

“I think that for so long, I believed that, and still believe, in the hustle and I still believe in working so hard, and not being entitled, and keeping your head down, and doing the work. But I think I didn’t prioritize fun as much before, and I saw it on the screen.

She adds: “I saw myself stressed, I saw myself not having fun, and I just learned when you have fun, you truly don’t have regrets.

Season 2 of “A Little Late With Lilly Singh” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 12:37 am ET/PT on Global.

Watch our full interview with Singh below.